Having your own home constructed is a life goal which almost everyone wants to achieve. It is the ultimate marker of a secure future for you and your family, so you must put your best foot forward into allocating resources and planning it. 

A common mistake everyone makes is forgetting that you’ll have different needs at different stages of life. It’s not viable to make new houses as you age, so you need to make sure that the home you’re currently constructing will serve your and your children’s needs as you grow older as well.


  • Build level floors

When your children and grandchildren are young, and when you grow old, steps can be a major safety hazard. We know that those homes built on multiple levels look amazing, but you need to be practical about it and make sure all the floors are level with one another. This will prevent needless injuries and will also let you navigate your home more easily when you age.


  • Go for independent units within your house 

If you plan to have your children live with you after they get married, as is the custom in most Pakistani families, do make some provisions for a certain amount of independence as well. This can be done by building an independent section in the upper storey, complete with kitchen and sitting area, or even by having different entrances as well. This will also make it easier for you to rent the upper storey or a room without any privacy concerns for both you and the tenant.


  • Have ample seating space

As time passes, your family will grow, leading to the need for more space in communal area. So, it’s better to ensure that you have ample seating space when you build your home. Go for a spacious lounge with multiple seating options, keeping in mind that comfort is key!


  • Go for a practical kitchen

You might be tempted to build a pretty kitchen with fancy appliances in the excitement of your new home, but take a step back and think about the practical concerns. Ensure that the layout makes everything easy to reach, and that cabinets are easily accessible.


  • Add a powder room

With you and your children having friends and family over, a powder room is important. This way, guests can use the bathroom without having to infringe on the privacy of your bedrooms. This is necessary in large households with people coming over regularly.


  • Avoid slippery flooring

When choosing flooring options for your home, think about the upkeep and practicality. Do not go for materials which require high levels of maintenance and are slippery. Maintenance can be quite expensive over time, and may not be sustainable when you eventually retire. 

In addition, slippery flooring may cause not just the children and old people in your home to fall and get injured, but also be a hazard for everyone.


  • Have a bedroom on the ground floor

Most people prefer to have their bedrooms on the upper floors. However, you should want your home to suit your needs for the long run. When you grow older, stairs can be a danger for you. Therefore, do make a bedroom on the ground floor, and you can even use it as a guest room until the time comes.

  • Make provisions for aging in place

Aging in place means that your home is altered according to your needs, rather than the other way around. For your own old age, and if you have aging parents living with you, you need to make sure home is a safe place. This involves installing ramps at the gate and front door, adding sturdy grab bars in the bathroom. And ensuring that the whole house is well-lit. These little things won’t put a damper on your home’s aesthetics either. 

So, these were just a few of the measures you can take to make sure your home is suitable for you throughout your life. This way, you and your family can get the optimal experience out of your house, as it is usually a one-time expense you do not want to regret later. 

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