The exterior of your home is the first thing people see when they visit your home, and makes all the difference in the aesthetics of the building. Once your grey structure is ready, the next step is to add the exterior cladding material, which will determine what type of décor your home will have throughout. 

When choosing these materials, you should consider all factors; practicality, aesthetics, cost, and maintenance. Think about the kind of climate you’re living in, and go for materials which make your home suitable for that climate. For example, a home in Peshawar and a home in Karachi would have completely different requirements due to varying climates. Speaking of homes in Peshawar, HB Housing Scheme is a great option for families.

It’s approved by the Peshawar Development Authority, has an amazing instalment plan, and offers a wide variety of plot sizes for all your residential needs. 

Coming back to exterior cladding materials, here are a few options you can go for, particularly in Pakistan.

  • Stucco

This classic option can be seen in houses all over Pakistan. Basically, stucco is a mixture of cement and sand or lime in varying quantities to create a range of different exterior looks. This is quite an inexpensive option, hence its popularity. Its matte finish is an added bonus as it makes your home look quite pleasant. 

Stucco is easy to maintain and is quite durable, so it is one of the most suitable exterior options for the long run. 

  • Stone

If you have a generous budget, then stone exteriors are a great option. This material is extremely durable and makes a house look unique. It is also an excellent way to incorporate nature into your home’s exteriors. This material isn’t commonly used due to the high costs. However, a good workaround for this is to only use stone for the front facade of your home, and going for a less expensive option for the other sides of the building. 

  • Brick

A particular favourite of buildings dating back to the colonial era, brick exteriors are ideal for the sunny climate most of Pakistan faces for most of the year. It acts as an insulator in both winters and summers, so is quite functional. Additionally, it barely requires any maintenance and also looks quite appealing. The cost may vary greatly depending on the type of bricks you use, so do your research before choosing what works best for you.  

  • Paint

This is one of the most inexpensive exterior options you can go for, and also gives you a lot of freedom of choice. However, you must choose the right type of paint, depending on the location of your home and the general weather in the area. 

Additionally, you will have to repaint your exteriors every few years to keep them in top-notch shape. One of the biggest benefits of going this option is that your options with colours are endless, and you can even go for a wide variety of textures. A good idea is to use different shades for the walls and for various balconies and shades for added aesthetic appeal.  

  • Tile

Tiles are a highly durable and attractive option for exterior cladding on your home. The best part about tiles is that virtually any kind of tile can be used for your home’s exteriors, so the options are limitless. Once again, consider the area’s climate and the general look you have in mind for your home before finalising a tiling option for the cladding. 

Go for an option which is easy to maintain and won’t stain easily when exposed to the elements or to any pollution in the air. As there are so many options for tiles, the cost will also vary quite significantly depending on what you choose. 

  • Concrete

Another relatively inexpensive option for your home are concrete exteriors. It also allows for a lot of creative freedom as it can be moulded to create an extensive variety of shapes or patterns for your home’s exterior cladding. You can even use it in conjunction with another cladding material to add decorative accents such as archways. It creates a quite modern, industrial look when used throughout your exterior cladding, so is perfect if you’re going for that look. 

So, these are a few appealing options perfect for home exteriors in Pakistan. Pick one of these or go for something completely different in your dream home and live there happily!