While the first half to 2020 has proven to be challenging, there is no reason why you can’t keep yourself busy and get some comfort by sprucing up your home’s interiors. A fresh outlook in your home can help you get a fresh outlook in your life as well.
So, incorporate as many of the home décor trends of the year into your home, and make it look brand new!

Bold monochromatic colour scheme

Gone are the days when neutral colours ruled the roost when it comes to home décor. Go all out and choose bold colours such as cobalt or bright yellow for your interiors. You can really turn a room into a pinnacle of style if you stick to the same colour and incorporate it in different elements of a room. For example, along with a cobalt blue wall, you can also add a chest of drawers or a settee in the same colour for a look that stands out.

Earth tones

Another colour trend gaining popularity in 2020 is incorporating earth tones into your décor. This can work better for rooms where you spend most of your time, e.g., your bedroom or living room. After all, reminders of nature can make you feel relaxed and at peace, so these colours are a great way to evoke Mother Nature in your home. You can include these tones by changing the upholstery of your furniture, adding a few decoration pieces in these tones, and by putting down a rug or two.

Indoor plants

Continuing along the vein of bringing nature into your home, there’s no better way to do this than by adding indoor plants. Do your research on what plants work best in your environment and make sure you take proper care of them. Good, low-maintenance plants include snake plants, and most kinds of succulents. Many indoor plants are also good for your health, so this trend will refresh both your home décor and your family’s well-being.
Another way these plants can add style to your home is if you go for interesting pots and planters to place them in. These days, sky’s the limit when it comes to pots and planters and you’ll see all sorts of interesting designs, whether contemporary, classic, or quirky.

Fun bathroom designs

Your home’s bathrooms should not look impersonal or dull. These spaces are as important as any in your home, and need your due attention when it comes to décor. As bathrooms are smaller and more private than your other rooms, you can go all out with their décor. Want a crazy wallpaper print on one wall? Go ahead! Like a unique mirror? Hang it up!
So, turn your bathrooms into statement pieces, including your powder room and utilize these previously underestimated spaces to express your design personality.

Classic details

A few classic details here and there in your home ensure that there is just the right mixture of contemporary and traditional décor. You can include classical details by going for decorative pieces, classic clocks, or by adding a traditional piece of furniture or two. You can even incorporate the classical looks from different cultures in your home. For example, along with classic Pakistani carved furniture, you can add a small sculpture which looks like a Classic Greek statue. Use your imagination, and your home will look like an eclectic mix of the best styles, both traditional and modern.

Sleek kitchen backsplashes

A backsplash behind the stove in your kitchen is quite useful in preventing the walls from getting stained. You can have one made using small tiles that are easy to clean, and still add a decorative element to your kitchen. Small square tiles in a colour gradient can make a wonderful and unique backsplash that is also practical. Additionally, you can even use tiles in unique shapes and patterns, as the area is small enough to go for unique trends without overpowering the rest of the kitchen.

Multi-functional spaces
Particularly in these times of working and studying from home, spaces need to be used as practically as possible. For example, you can use your dining room as a study by just adding a bookshelf and a few lamps. A guest bedroom can be used as an exercise room, etc. Just make sure that you have good storage solutions for the items that come with using a room for multiple purposes. Multipurpose furniture such as sofa-beds and storage ottomans can go a far way when incorporated into such spaces.

Abstract prints
Floral prints and chequered patterns have had their time in the décor world, and now it’s time for abstract prints to rule the roost. You can add these by going for funky wallpaper prints, interesting cushions, or a few pieces of furniture such as stools or ottomans.
These are some of the trends you can use as a guideline to redecorate your home or decorate a new home. Speaking of new homes, if you’re moving to Peshawar, HB Housing Scheme on Warsak Road, Mathra, is the ideal option for you to build your house. It offers various reasonably-priced options on an easy instalment plan and is approved by the Peshawar Development Authority. So, build your home here, and decorate it using the above mentioned trends for an elevated lifestyle like no other.