Architectural styles for your new home

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Building a home can be a daunting task, particularly when you are just starting out and trying to figure out what you want. Typically, it’s a good idea to think about what style you and your family are going for. Once you have a picture of your future home in mind, the next steps are not that confusing. Pakistan, with its rich history, has a wide range of architectural styles which are commonly used. These styles take inspiration from all over the world, and also from Pakistan’s own rich history. Some of the most popular architectural styles you’ll see being used often are as follows. 

Neoclassical architecture

This basically refers to houses that are inspired by ancient Greek architecture. So, if you see a home with tall pillars on the exterior in white, then you know it’s Neoclassical architecture. These pillars hold up high porch ceilings and lead on to elaborate entrances. These homes might even have a domed roof, and more often, a triangular pediment (upper part of the front of a building). 

Such homes have their own grace, and are sure to be a hit with visitors. This style evokes elegance, and is a good option to go for. 

 Red brick architecture

A very sub-continental style, red brick architecture is typically seen in buildings dating back to the British Raj. Red bricks were used because of their durability, their minimal maintenance requirements, as well as for insulation purposes. Red brick exteriors create an aura of grandeur and are also quite easy to keep in top shape. All it takes is a rain or two to clean them and make them look quite grand. This architectural style made its way from being used in official buildings to being used in homes, as people realized the aesthetic and practical benefits of using red brick in their homes. 

Modern architecture

The predecessor of most homes we see today, Modern architecture refers to the style that was developed in the early 20th Century, and gained immense popularity after World War II. This style focuses on straight lines and function over form, highlighting the changing sensibilities of people after the devastation of both world wars. An emerging middle class required homes that were more practical than ornamental, and thus, this style was born. 

Modern architecture typically includes straight lines, the use of steel and glass, minimal ornamental elements, flat roofs, and open floor plans. These homes usually incorporate rectangular shapes, and feature practical layouts with utilitarian materials.   

Contemporary architecture

An offshoot of Modern architecture, Contemporary architecture has seen a great rise in popularity in Pakistan over the last decade. This style is still going through evolution, but its basic ethos remains the same. This ethos involves simple, no-fuss designs, with minimal ornamental elements. 

What differs Contemporary architecture from Modern architecture is the fact that it encourages innovation, instead of just sticking to a utilitarian design. Therefore, Contemporary homes may include asymmetrical facades, strong geometric shapes, flexible interior layouts, large windows, energy conserving materials, sustainable architecture, and the use of natural elements, such as rooftop gardens. With these homes, architects focus on sustainability, leading to an eco-friendlier atmosphere. 

Art Deco architecture

This is one style which focuses more on the stylistic elements than on simply the practical ones. Art Deco is basically an amalgamation of a wide variety of styles, including inspiration from 1920s Hollywood and even Ancient Egypt. These homes also incorporate more colours in their exteriors, taking inspiration from the Art Deco movement, which began approximately in the 1920s. It draws inspiration from the paintings of that time to incorporate colours and patterns in a home. Art Deco homes commonly go for bold designs, intense colour palettes, vibrant patterns, and smooth stucco walls. 

So, take your pick from one of these styles or go for an architectural style you may be inspired by already. Remember that picking an architectural style is the first step in building your new home, and will influence all the choices you make in the process, so think carefully!