Peshawar, being one of the oldest cities in South Asia, and the provincial capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, has been populated for centuries. This valley city, surrounded by gorgeous hills, contains some of the oldest and best residential areas in Pakistan. 

This historic city has played a central role across different eras, from the serving as the capital of the Gandharan Kushan Empire to being an important trading post in Mughal and Colonial times. Now, it is the hub of KPK, and has become one of the most developed urban centres throughout Pakistan. Therefore, it is home to some of the best educational, healthcare, and commercial facilities in the country. 


This society is located on the northern side of Peshawar, and has been a primary residential area since the 1970s. Its development over the years has been quite encouraging and it is currently a secure and attractive suburban area. In addition, it is 43 KM away from Torkham, the border crossing between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Hayatabad is maintained and planned by the Peshawar Development Authority (PDA), making it quite an organised and reliable locality. It is also directly linked to the Grand Trunk (GT) Road, giving its residents easy access to the rest of the city and to major highways. 

Warsak Road

Warsak Road is one of the most bustling avenues in Peshawar, and stretches all the way from the intersection of National Highway (N5) and GT Road to Pir Bala Chowk. Warsak road is also connected to the Northern Bypass connecting Pakistan all the way to Afghanistan hence the value of real estate on this road is very impressive. This wide, carpeted road is home to a large number of fully developed housing societies, which offer a variety of options depending on demand. In addition, there are upcoming residential schemes in the development phase here as well. It has easy access to public transport facilities, and also has some of the best educational and healthcare institutions in town. 

One society worth mentioning on Warsak road is HB Housing Scheme, which is approved by PDA. This locality enjoys excellent facilities, legal approvals, and is also quite affordable. Its easy instalment plan ensures that anyone who wants to make their home here, will be able to do so. It offers residential plots sized 5, 7, and 10 marlas, so there is something for everyone here. It offers a different paradigm of development in KPK which is better than any previous developments.  

Peshawar Cantt

This is one of the oldest and most scenic residential areas of Peshawar. As Peshawar has served as a garrison city for a long time, its Cantonment upholds the living standards of the cantonment areas throughout Pakistan. This means that it is meticulously landscaped, has some excellent recreational facilities such as clubs, parks, and community centres, and is maintained regularly. The excellent PAF Hospital is also located here, and offers excellent healthcare to Peshawar’s citizens. 


Gulbahar was the first planned residential colony of Peshawar, and is located to the east of Nishterabad, right off the GT Road. This means that it has easy access to the major areas of the city, and is also completely developed. Its historic stature means that it holds some of the best educational, healthcare, and recreational facilities in town, and is also inhabited to a large extent. For anyone looking to live here, rental property would be a more viable option than purchasing. 

Dalazak Road

Dalazak Road, also known as Dilazak Road, is a 15 KM-long avenue that stretches along the boundaries of Peshawar. It connects to both National Highway (N5)/GT Road and Charsadda Road via Saddar Road. In addition, it is also only a short distance away from the Peshawar Railway Station and the international airport, making it quite a well-located area. 

What adds to its appeal is that its far end goes to Kabul River, one of the main tributaries of Pakistan, and an excellent place for recreational activities. 

Gulberg Peshawar

Gulberg is right in the heart of Peshawar, and is connected to most of its major avenues. It is developed almost completely and consists of bungalows and apartments, many of which are already inhabited. Furthermore, it is also home to Qayyum Stadium, Peshawar’s largest sports complex, which lets its citizens play a variety of sports. 

This locality is also dotted with restaurants, cafes, educational institutions, and recreational centres, so is quite popular. Its residents can also easily access all kinds of public transport from Gulberg. 

So, these were some of the popular residential localities in Peshawar. Among the options given above, HB Housing Scheme is one of the most balanced and appealing choices. This is due to its affordability combined with quality development, as well as its PDA-approved status. So, if you’re searching for viable residential options in Peshawar, you know where to go!